FREED service platform has been launched

FREED project has officially ended at the end of 2018, but its legacy lives on. FREED service platform, which is the major outcome of the project, will help SMEs and start-ups working with energy innovations to reach their goals.

The aim of the FREED project was to help SMEs and startups, which are struggling to bring their energy innovations to the markets, to achieve this faster with tailored support . The FREED approach was to strengthen the maturity of the SMEs, to offer them business planning support, information about available funding  and also an opportunity for them to demonstrate their innovation and develop it further with the support of the project. A couple SMEs were selected for this process, with whom a FREED service approach was created. Based on this an online version of the FREED service was created, which included the various tools that had been created in the project, including a funding portal, which can link SMEs with various funding instruments. The platform includes also information about the success stories,the companies, which have undergone the FREED service approach.